Kielder Chiller 24 | More Info
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Enter NowThe 2017 and 2018 events proved to be a huge success with some horrendous conditions making the going extra hard.  Snow, sleet, hail and countless items of clothing and brake pads were all in the mix.  The hard work was worth it to see all those smiles and a huge sense of camaraderie with everyone looking after each other.


The route will be a testing short circuit that incorporates long drags of forest tracks and plenty of single track going both up and down.  If it’s windy you’ll certainly have to wrap up warm and as darkness envelopes everything for more than half the ride you’ll be delighted to have an amazing vista spread out in front of you as the sun rises in the morning.  The suns rays warming your skin as they filter through the tree tops.
24 hour bike riding must certainly be the ultimate test of man, machine and all that lovely kit that claims to be the latest and greatest.  Not only will you have to find a way to get round the course, you’ll also have to find ingenious solutions to keep your lights working at full capacity for such an extended period of time.  Bring more lights?  Hydrogen chargers?  USB charger in car?  Choices choices.  Part of the joy of these kind of events is all the planning before hand, the more you put in, the better it will go on the day/night.


Don’t let the word “race” put you off.  The same fun and inclusive ethos of the other High Fell Event rides will be present and anyone taking things too seriously may be thrown in the reservoir!  We openly welcome those people who are coming along for the first time and want you experience to be a good one.


Timing will be electronic so you can find out exactly how you’re getting along as the day/night/day progresses.  Add to that the fact that we’ll have an extensive safety team on site, prizes for all categories, t-shirt for each competitor and as much encouragement as we can possibly dish out.  At 3 in the morning you may not appreciate it too much!










Info pack: Sent out 1 week prior

Registration times: 7am til 10am

Race start: 11am

Off road: 100%

Parking: 1 vehicle per team allowed on course.  Parking provided for everyone else.

Prizes: Solo (1st, 2nd, 3rd, V40, V50, V60 Male/Female, SS 1/2/3, Fat 1/2/3) / Pairs (1st 2nd 3rd Team Male/Female/Mixed) / Quads (1st 2nd 3rd Team Male/Female/Mixed)  / Fastest single lap / event mug for all!


Entries open 1st May 2019.  Last entry available 03/02/20.

Early bird up to 1st June 2019:

Solo £65 per rider
Pairs £130 per team / £65 per rider
Quads £240 per team / £60 per rider


Solo £70 per rider
Pairs £140 per team / £70 per rider
Quads £260 per team / £65 per rider

Organised by High Fell Events.  For terms and regulations regarding the event please click here. Just to be clear there will be NO REFUNDS available for this event.


No cut offs in place for this race. Take as long as you like completing your laps. The only reason we’ll pull you out is on medical grounds and a full medical team will be on hand for assessment and treatment.  Please note the race will finish 11am Sunday morning – any laps completed after this time will not count.


There are no checkpoints as such other than the start/finish area through which you must pass to dib your timer.


If you have any medical conditions you must tell us in advance of the run. A professional medical team will be on site to deal with major incidents. First aiders can also be found around the course. Each participant will be given essential safety info to take round with them that has key details on it. Mountain Rescue are informed of the event. The nearest hospital is Cramlington Accident and Emergency Hospital.


Let’s be honest, there is every chance of inclement weather at Kielder in February. Kielder already sits well above sea level and temperatures are known to regularly dip well below zero in this part of the world. Be prepared! Here’s your list:

  • Enough fluid for 1 hour of riding
  • Emergency whistle
  • Waterproof/Windproof jacket/gillet (can be one jacket)
  • Emergency survival bag – you MUST take this out with you on the course
  • Spare food of your choice.
  • Mobile phone. It will only work when high up but it can be a vital lifeline in an emergency.
  • Helmet
  • Bike lights and means of powering them through the night.
  • Basic first aid kit.